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I'm Rosaline Saul and I love writing urban fantasy stories about immortals, time travellers, ghosts, vampires, and witches, with a liberal spoonful of sweet romance.

I am writing a new story and I post a new chapter every Friday.

  • You are welcome to read as I write.
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Life and death collide in this haunting YA urban fantasy about a teen ghost hunter searching for answers and longing for the mysterious girl who speaks to the dead.

Seventeen-year-old Thursday's world is shattered when his beloved grandparents die in a tragic car accident. Desperate to know if there is an afterlife and if he'll ever see his grandparents again, Thursday becomes obsessed with ghost hunting.

While exploring an abandoned cemetery, Thursday crosses paths with the intriguing and secretive Fallon, who seems to effortlessly communicate with the dead. As Thursday gets closer to Fallon, he realizes there's more to her than meets the eye. An alluring aura surrounds her, and unearthly abilities seem to come naturally to her.

Together, Thursday and Fallon begin helping wayward souls complete their unfinished business on earth. But Thursday wants more than to just send spirits into the light. He wants answers only Fallon may hold, even if it means unraveling the mysteries of life and death itself.

As Thursday and Fallon grow closer while delving deeper into the spirit realm, dangers threaten to sever their bond. Thursday finds himself longing for someone who can never fully be his. But are some bonds too powerful for even death to break?

Full of hope, heartache, and haunting romance, Pushing Daisies explores the timeless question of what happens after we die. Its gripping supernatural mystery and ghostly romantic thriller will keep young adult readers rapidly turning pages late into the night.



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