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I am Lynette Ferreira and I write stories as Lynette Ferreira, Rosaline Saul, and Stephen Simpson.

As the eldest of three children and the only girl, there was never a time when I was not making up stories and inventing fantastical worlds to keep myself entertained.

Being an author was never what I aspired to become. I wanted to be an Astronaut, then an Air Hostess, then a Verterinarian, and then an Optometrist. I studied to become a Teacher, but then ended up working at an International Financial Company for many years.

In 2008, everything in my life converged in such a way that I was inspired to sit down and to start capturing all those wild thoughts and imaginations on paper. My debut novel was inspired by my eldest daughter and I will forever be grateful to her. She paved the way to me discovering that I am not too shabby at stringing a couple thousand words together to create a story to tell.

My debut indie novel, Recycled Souls, was chosen as a Quarter Finalist (top 250 from 5000 entries) in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards (Young Adults) in 2010.

In 2011, my story, The Great Divide, was also chosen as a Quarter Finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards (Young Adults).

Since then I have written a lot of stories.


Fiction for the Soul is an imprint for stories by:

Lynette Ferreira

Young Adult Sweet Romance

Rosaline Saul

Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Stephen Simpson

Young Adult Horror