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Boarding School for Supernatural Girls


ForNever by Rosaline Saul


My Life Hereafter by Rosaline Saul


666 Mark of the Beast by Stephen Simpson


A Shade of Witch (ForNever, Book Two) by Rosaline Saul


Blood Moon by Rosaline Saul


Chain Letter by Stephen Simpson


Forever Young (Counting Stars, Book #1) by Lynette Ferreira


Lucias the Fallen by Rosaline Saul


My Recycled Soul (Recycled Souls, Book #1) by Lynette Ferreira


Murder Gone Viral by Stephen Simpson


Paper Hearts by Lynette Ferreira


Perpetual Midnight by Rosaline Saul


Pocketful of Hope by Lynette Ferreira


Recycled Souls by Lynette Ferreira


Our Authors

Lynette Ferreira

Author of love stories. Her stories are clean, wholesome, and have all the feels.

Stephen Simpson

Author of horror books. His stories are dark, scary, creepy, and sometimes gory.

Rosaline Saul

Author of urban fantasy fiction. Her stories have themes of the afterlife, magic and vampires.

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