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Fiction for the Soul Books Affiliates

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Once you've signed up, your dashboard will open. There will be no products to promote because we have to approve your account, which we'll do within 24 hours.

At the top of your dashboard, there's a link that says: 'enter your payment details'. Click it and enter your Paypal email address. Sorry, but at the moment that's all Payhip accepts.

After 24 hours from signing up, when you log back in, you will see a list of eBooks that you can share/promote.

From your dashboard, you can get the URLs that you need to use when promoting our eBooks. These URLs contain your unique affiliate key so that any sales you direct to this e-commerce shop via these links will be correctly attributed to you and your share of the sale will be calculated.

Your affiliate profile page is the URL that you can use to send visitors to your store home page. There’s also a URL that goes directly to each product that you’re able to promote - you can find this by clicking on the Affiliate Links button for that product.

When you are signed into your Fiction for the Soul Books Affiliate page you'll also find Facebook & Twitter share links when you click the view button. Of course, you can also share on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, blogging, etc. by copying YOUR affiliate link.

On the 7th of each month, you will receive a report and all money due will be paid into your Paypal account on that same day.

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