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(eBook) All Over Again by Lynette Ferreira

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This extraordinary short story will take you on a mesmerizing journey through the realms of past lives, unexpected choices, and the unfathomable power of the human heart.

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Elizabeth's life has already been upended by a move to the other side of the world, but her journey takes an even more unforeseen turn when a tragic car accident leaves her trapped in a coma.

In this ethereal state, she encounters Devlin, a mysterious presence who instantly feels familiar, as if they had met just the day before on a fallen tree trunk in their hidden sanctuary, far away from the chaos of the world.

Elizabeth finds herself torn between two captivating forces. On one hand, there is Jared, her love and anchor in the waking world. Their bond is undeniable, having withstood the test of distance and adversity. Yet, in the realm of dreams and the in-between, Devlin beckons to her, stirring emotions she never thought possible. Elizabeth is faced with an impossible choice: return to the arms of Jared or surrender to the allure of Devlin's enigmatic embrace.

This short story explores the intricacies of love, the complexities of choice, and the indomitable spirit that binds souls across time.

  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / Clean & Wholesome
  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Visionary & Metaphysical
  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Coming of Age

Book Details

Imprint : Fiction for the Soul Books

ISBN : 9798201677565

First Published Date : 16 July 2009

Language : English

Reading age : 13 and up

About the Author

Lynette Ferreira writes sweet romance stories for teens and young adults about first love, really cute boys, kissing and all the drama.

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My Recycled Soul explores the boundless depths of love, the timeless nature of the human spirit, and the unbreakable bonds that tie souls together.

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Kim W.

Verified Buyer

4 months ago

good read

All Over Again By Lynette Ferreira is a good, and enjoyable sweet teen and young adult romance read. The story has a good story line. The characters are good, and they have good chemistry. This love story is heartbreaking and beautiful romance read.

Jeanne R.

Verified Buyer

4 months ago

Short Story

I've read several books written by Lynette Ferraira; she is becoming one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to read more of her books.

This is part of the Recycled Souls Series; it is a stand-alone short story. The story is about Elizabeth; she’s in a coma after her and Jared are in a car accident she meets Devlin and must decide if she wants to stay with him or go back to Jared.


Verified Buyer

4 months ago


Short read. What will happen when Elizabeth wakes from her coma? Will she be able to choose between the two guys. Her soulmate or her love frombefore the accident life? I did feel there was something missing from this story.