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(Audio Book) Perpetual Midnight by Rosaline Saul

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Young Adult Vampire Fantasy Audio Books

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Perpetual Midnight, a thrilling young adult vampire fantasy novel, invites readers into a world where dreams intertwine with reality and secrets lurk in the shadows. This captivating tale follows Zoey, a teenage girl thrust into a dangerous new life through the twists of fate and the shadows of hidden vampires.

As Zoey and her parents are abruptly uprooted from London and forced into the Witness Protection Program, they find themselves in Australia, seeking safety from the clutches of a mob boss.

To safeguard their secret identities, Zoey must attend night school, delving into a hidden world teeming with mysteries even deeper than her own.

Here she crosses paths with Ethan, a menacing creature who introduces her to a covert society veiled in secrecy. With each encounter, a connection between them grows, drawing Zoey into a dangerous game of attraction and forbidden love. 

As Zoey uncovers the truths that lie beneath the surface, she finds herself torn between her growing feelings for Ethan and the boundaries of her own reality. The once-unfathomable existence of vampires becomes intertwined with her own destiny, leading her down a treacherous path filled with unexpected twists and startling revelations. 

For Ethan, a life that no immortal should ever dare to dream becomes an obsession.

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About the Author

Rosaline is passionate about writing and loves sharing her stories with others. Her books often contain messages of hope and empowerment. She strives to create stories that are inspiring and meaningful, and her books often have a positive impact on young readers.

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