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(Audio Book) My Life HereAfter by Rosaline Saul

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Young Adult Christian Fantasy Audio Books

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In this young adult Christian fantasy novel, embark on a captivating journey with Sunel Anderson, a young girl who finds herself in a mysterious and fantastical realm after a tragic accident.

Sunel possesses an extraordinary companion—an invisible man who sits on her shoulder and offers guidance. However, Sunel has never paid much attention to his counsel, until a life-altering event alters her perception forever. A blinding flash turns her world upside down, shattering her reality. Instead of the darkness she expected, everything appears unsettlingly similar to the way things were before the fateful day when her school bus careened over a cliff.

Among the other students from the ill-fated bus is Mark Landon, accompanied by his twin brother, David. However, Sunel learns that David was sent across the valley to the other side. Filled with determination, they set out on a perilous quest to find David, braving unknown dangers and facing their doubts and fears.

As Sunel and Mark navigate a world rife with enigmas and supernatural occurrences, they encounter magical landscapes and hidden truths that challenge their understanding of faith, life, and purpose. Along their arduous journey, they both grapple with questioning their beliefs and discovering the power of faith and friendship.

My Life Hereafter is a mesmerizing tale of resilience, redemption, and the unyielding strength of the human spirit.

Editorial Review

Sunel would never have imagined that a small prank could lead to the unexpected for her and 60 classmates. Where are they? Are they dead? Why have they been separated into three categories? Where is David, Mark's brother? These questions and many more are answered as Sunel, Mark, and Carly go to the otherside to find David. Will Sunel be able to save her friends, or will it cost her her soul?


My Life Hereafter offers insight to the inner pysche and the afterlife. No matter if one believes in Heaven and Hell, the author has a way of prompting the reader to question the supernatural world. The reader is kept on the edge of his or her seat while trying to figure out what is going on along with Sunel. The novel is a love story, a mystery, a lesson learned. This book is a great read for teens and the young at heart. 

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About the Author

Rosaline is passionate about writing and loves sharing her stories with others. Her books often contain messages of hope and empowerment. She strives to create stories that are inspiring and meaningful, and her books often have a positive impact on young readers.

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