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(Audio Book) Lucias the Fallen by Rosaline Saul

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Young Adult Angel Fantasy Audio Books

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In the young adult Christian fantasy novel, Lucias The Fallen, readers are thrust into a world where an ancient war between celestial beings continues to unfold on Earth.

This gripping tale delves into the impending apocalypse and the critical events that have been meticulously planned since the dawn of time. At the center of it all lies Lucias, a boy-child who holds the salvation of the fallen angels in his hands.

When the war between the fallen angels and the celestial forces erupted in the Heavens, its echoes reverberated through the ages, never truly ceasing. The celestial police force, established in the aftermath of the conflict, approached Lucifer, offering him a chance at redemption. They presented him with a prophecy—If a specific girl were to conceive a child under the gaze of the blue moon, and that boy-child were to survive until the age of twenty-five, the fallen angels could find their way back home. Lucias, the destined offspring, is the key to their restoration.

However, Lucifer harbors his own sinister agenda for Lucias. He intends to exploit the young boy's unique destiny as part of a meticulously crafted plan to annihilate humanity, giving him the ultimate power he has coveted since the dawn of time. As the forces of good and evil converge, Lucias finds himself torn between his true purpose as the savior of the fallen angels and the malevolent intentions of Lucifer.

With the fate of both Heaven and Earth hanging in the balance, Lucias must navigate a web of deceit, temptation, and unimaginable trials. Along the way, he grapples with his own inner demons, confronts the truth about his identity, and strives to fulfill his divine purpose while resisting the allure of evil.

Lucias The Fallen is a captivating blend of fantasy, Christian allegory, and epic adventure that explores themes of redemption, free will, and the eternal battle between good and evil. 

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About the Author

Rosaline is passionate about writing and loves sharing her stories with others. Her books often contain messages of hope and empowerment. She strives to create stories that are inspiring and meaningful, and her books often have a positive impact on young readers.

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